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    Question what is the best js framework for ajax ?

    what is the best js framework for ajax ?
    first iam a beginner in ajax and js,
    i found a lot of frameworks but i didn't know which is the best.
    And i heared that some of thease frameworks are not updated any more.
    I read a book called professional ajax with php and the book author was using a class library called zXml you can find it here but i found that the XMLDOM does not support opera browser it supports only IE and FireFox .
    And I heared a lot about prototype class library but i didn't found tutorials using it you can found it here
    so iam unable to deciding which is the best updated cross browsers js framework for ajax.

    Anoher thing why we couldn't find here in the best developers community site
    [sitepoint] an AJAX forum.

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    Hi m.abdullah,

    It's great that you think SPF is the "best developers community site"! We think so too

    I don't think there's a need for a separate AJAX forum. AJAX is nothing more than making HTTP requests via Javascript. So AJAX questions should properly go in the Javascript forum. Of course there is a server-side component as well - some server-side script has to receive and respond to the request. Those questions should go in the PHP or ASP forums.

    Regarding "what is the best js framework for ajax ?", I'm sorry but I don't know, LOL. You don't need a framework or library to make HTTP requests.

    IMO, Javascript beginners should not start out "depending on" any library or framework. At this stage it is very instructive to "study" frameworks and libraries. But most importantly, start getting familiar with Javascript syntax and semantics, then study the DOM, then start getting familiar with basic cross-browser issues.

    It all depends on your goals. People take different paths depending on whether their goal is to learn Javascript or just to complete a project for a client


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