I have a php page where I can change the status of members in my database from 'Pending' to 'Approved', when I change a member to 'Approved' they receive an email... I want to also add a date when I change them, so once they are approved a date is added into a column in my database... If anyone can give me an idea that would be great! This is what I have so far...

PHP Code:
mysql_query("UPDATE `tblmembers` SET `MemberApproved`='$status' WHERE `ID`='$id'");

//get Member Info
$userInfo mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `tblmembers` WHERE `ID`='$id'");
$q mysql_fetch_array($userInfo);

//get Email info
if ($status == "A") {
$emailInfo mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `email` WHERE `email_id` = 'A'");

$stat "Approved";

elseif (
$status == "R") {
$emailInfo mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `email` WHERE `email_id` = 'R'");

$stat "Rejected";