Hi there.

I have been slowly sorting out some sections on my website for my friend to do some 'comedy' writings . I've found this a good exercise, as I have learnt quite a lot of useful stuff on the way, and am keen to keep improving it.

My next plan, is that I'd like to have an RSS feed for his entries that he makes. Just so you can see what I am doing, it's here.

Currently, entries are stored on a database, and then the database is queried to generate the index page, entry pages, and category pages. I'd like to use this to create the RSS, if that's possible.

I've had umpteen attempts, and have searched for hours, but I can't seem to get one working. I have tried comparing it to the feed validator, and they kept failing.

Has anyone got a basic script for what I am trying, or any help? I tried this along with some other bits and pieces that I found, but couldn't get it to work.

I just want to be able to keep readers better informed of new entries, and also learn a bit along the way.

Many thanks