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    Getting them back

    Here's the situation:

    3 months ago I had a site that was growing fast... I went from 15k to 30k visits in one month and it only seemed to increase every day. (It's an community website for dogowners)

    Then disaster struck, because of several bad things that happened at the same time, my site went down for a month. Finally I got it back up, but I lost most of the data I had was lost and my only backup was corrupted. And what was worse, all the traffic that I had worked so hard for was gone.

    What would be the best approach at getting things back on track (keeping in mind that my budget is very limited) ?
    I can retrieve the email address from about 300 members ('bout 50% of the total) from the corrupted backup, would it work if I mailed them about the reopening ?

    Also what can I do to restore my image as soon as possible ? (Since I imagine people will be weary to spend time on articles and posting messages if they believe it can all be gone again tomorrow)

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    Yes email them 300 mebers, and for building traffic back up, you can only jsut try and promote in every free legitamte way you can.


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