Some of my web pages have quite a bulk of content, for examples "interviews" etc and it takes a long time to scroll around trying to find what you want. So I was looking for a way to (on page load) to hide the text (it must be hidden onload), and then hit a "link" to display the hidden content.

Best example I can give is Youtube (Which is what I'm aiming for). On many vidoes there is a brief summary of 10 or so words and then a "More" link, which when you hit it shows (you guessed it) the rest of the text.

I've tried learning from the youtube page source, but lets just say to a newbie like me... after an hour of trying to understand whats going on, I've given up.

I've worked out its a Javascript function, and I think I will need some type of DIV Id, in order to seperate interview's. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.