The purpose of this thread is to look at and perhaps challenge the notions of what makes a successful blog. Does it mean that if you choose to have a blog that relies purely on the merits of it's content, without all the site maps and slaps, links, trackbacks, humpbacks, pings and wings...(you know what I mean ) that your blog will be forever relegated into obscurity and deemed "unsuccessful" as opposed to the only real way to make your blog a raging success is to do this, this and this... (think a 'recipe').

I have just started my foray into blogging and have surprisingly really enjoyed it (worried I may be getting hooked ), but am becoming increasingly concerned with the fact that I personally prefer blogs to be more spartan (less is more) and devoid of the flashy plug-ins and bells and whistles like many of the blogs ranked in the top 100 or those often referred to as successful blogs. Yes, my blog is a business one and offers expert advice in an area which I am regarded, but I am feeling a tad inadequate (in a size does matter kind of way) in comparison to other bloggers who really "pimp out" their blogs.

I definitely wish to continue to publish online content and serve a purpose, but I much prefer not having my blog wolf whistle at every visitor, but have people come and ultimately return to my blog because it meets a need, is easy on the eye and is built on great content.

Can such a blog ever be successful?