I have been trying to implement this for a while, but for some reason I get errors both using the parseInt() or not.

PHP Code:
    // this is the total number of fields visable, and highest index to have to loop through
var element getElement('numFields');
highest getElement('highField');
// this is the incrementing that happens
element.value = (element.value -1)+ 2;
    if (
element.value >= highest.value) { highest.value element.value; } 
The idea is that 'numFields' and 'highField' are hidden form elements that allow me to parse a dynamically created form of n elements. For example (stupid but pointed) : if you wanted to make 3 simultaneous quick posts to respond to my initial post, you could just dynamically add more and more fields... but then the PHP/Perl back-end has to be able to know how many you have...

Hope somebody understands what Im saying...

Anyway, the problem is that if I use the parse methods, I end up with NaN no matter what... and if I use the way that I provided, the last if statement fails to update the highest value after it goes into double digits... ie I am limited to 9... even though element.value keeps climbing AND I keep adding fields successfully too...