I ping (places like Pingoat & Ping-o-matic) every time after posting a new post on my blog. The days after I see a big increase in traffic. It will only drop almost to zero (= visitors) after not posting for a few days in a row. When I analyse my statcounter stats, I can't figure out if my visitors are real or maybe bots! Most of my stats show only 'location, hostname' & 'referring URL: no referring link'. There is no information available about 'entry page' for example. Also 'visit length' is most of the time: 0 seconds.

I have a bad feeling that all my visits are done by bots, but I am not sure about it. If for example places like Technorati picked up my post after pinging and placed my post on their site, then my stats suppose to show Technorati as an 'entrypage', correct?!

I have no clue what to do with my stats.
Any help would be great! Thanks.