I'm making a website for someone, and they only want to ever update the news section on their website. So what I've got is a very simple admin login script, with a form with a date selector and a text box so that news can be added, edited or deleted.

Obviously for security reasons I don't want any malicious html to be entered in here, but at the same time, I was simple html tags like paragraphs, lists, font styles, font colours to be available. A solution to this is to just use php to safely screen all potentially unsafe html tags, allowing simple html to be used to layout the news.

However, the person entering the news text doesnt' necessarly have any html skills. So what I'm looking for is a similar tool like ebay has when you enter a description for the item you're selling. It has a basic toolbar such as font-style, font size, font color, lists etc, and paragraphs and line breaks are dealt with automatically. Is there a javascript program I could just plug into my website so my simple news CMS has this functionality?

It doesn't have to be as complicated as the ebay one...in fact, just paragraphs, line breaks, lists, and font-weight, font-style and font-color.

Many thanks!