Here is the site I am working on
Here's the problem I am running into. Our online paper hosts from a place that uses a proprietary platform ro update content. While this is a nice set up it also has it's drawbacks. Features that would be easily (and nicely) done in Flash must be done using XHTML, CSS, and Javacript in order to utilize their updating feature. They use "tokens" which are, from my understanding, basically placeholders so when our photographers or columnists post images or articles they just select where in the paper it would feature and then upload it and our host then renames it and assigns it to whichever the appropriate "token" is.
We are undergoing a redesign of the site (for obvious reasons) and my boss wants a gallery that shows our featured articles or videos. I worked a simple solution up and he likes the way it works, but I am not pleased with it. I think the code is sloppy and I am especially bothered by the fact that I would have to manually change the captions everyday in the javascript. My friend suggested creating seperate divs for each of the big images and then set them on top of one another and make them transparent except whichever was the initial image. Then use javascript to set it so when they mouseover the thumbnail image it would switch between the large image divs making whichever was selected the non-transparent one.
This sounds like a good idea, but my javascript skills are weak at best. If anyone has any suggestions or simple solutions for this problem that would be great! Thanks.