I'm trying to set up my server to save my log files for me. Currently, my log files have become too big to read. On my old server, they had it set up so that my log files would save to a new file when it got to 2GB's.

It would save like so:


Then when 'access_log' got too big, it would rename 'access_log' to 'access_log.1' and continue saving my stats. My old server just came like that, so I don't know what that was about.

Now, I'm using http-analyze 2.2. But according to my host: "You won't have stats from the 17th of Decemeber to today, due to the logfile being 2 gig and unable to write more to the file, but now that I've moved the log file, it's now recording your hits again. If your log file reaches 2 gig again before the end of the month, we will need to look at rotating your log files more often than they currently are."

In the end, I just want to have my stats saved as nice and tidy HTML files so I can look them over in the future. I'd prefer weekly stats if possible. I don't want to download my logs. I'd prefer to have them on the server.

Any suggestions?