I want to create a chained menu, but it only needs to be 1 layer deep. Basically regions, and zones. For an easy to visualize example, think cities and states. I will use city and state terminology for clarity.

All the examples of chained menus I can find involve a config.js file and that would produce a lot of problems with duplication of data for me.

I have a list of 12 states, with anywhere from 6 to 144 cities in each, with a total of 490 cities.

I would like just the applicable cities to show up when the state is selected.

Is there a way this can be done easily from a multidimensional array (that could be easily obtained from the database).

My problem with a config.js file like other examples I have seen is that if I need to change the list, I need to re-create that file, and redo the database and make sure the two perfectly match on every edit. It feels like a disaster waiting to happen.

Anything out there easier than this:


Thank you!