We're currently dipping our toes into ASP.NET by upgrading our intranet site (which means, at this point, putting some ASP.NET "shims" in which do a few things and redirect to the regular ASP pages). Our environment is VS 2005, with Visual Source Safe as source control. Local files are kept in the standard web cache directory on the hard drive. The site uses Windows authentication.

I've run into a situation where IE7 brings up the site just fine, but Firefox 2 simply shows "Bad Request". The cookies set in the ASPX shim page have been set, so I know that page is firing.

Other users are not getting the error (though someone else had the same problem yesterday and I couldn't replicate it at the time). The files that seem to cause the problems have not been checked in to source control.

I've tried clearing all the data out in FF (cache, cookies, etc.) and restarting the system to no avail. At this point, I'm afraid to check anything in for fear of screwing up everyone else (this is a dev environment, so production is in no danger). I'm also afraid that if I clear my local VS cache, I'll lose all my changes. What to do? And what to do in the future to prevent this from happening again?

Thanks much!

Jim Stanley
NTI Group