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    Just say "No" to Lorem Ipsum filler content

    How many people say "content drives design," only to stuff a layout with Lorum ipsum filler?

    37Signals "Getting Real" design tip: Just say no to Lorem Ipsum says just don't do it....

    The goal here is to get as close to the real customer experience as possible. Don’t abstract yourself from the real experience. Every layer removed pushes you further and further away from the actual customer experience.
    The web is supposed to be about content. However, technology is often so time consuming it makes you forget the layout container is there to support great content. It isn't there to win the designer an award.

    There was little content and even less user science.
    Many sites submitted had no concern for the user on the most basic levels. Rarely could you identify an idea or purpose behind the site, or name a possible user goal the site was intended to facilitate. There was no flow, no legibility, no usability. It wasn’t so much that the designers had contempt for their users as that they seemed never to have been taught to think about users at all.
    -- Zeldman: The rebooter’s children go rebootless
    Most sites use content as filler, often a reason is the purpose for the site is to have a site. So yet another "me too" site is born. When you spend 5k for a site structure and then load it with filler, you've just created some expensive cammoflage.

    And when the layout is what people notice, you've got some problems.

    Too often these great looking sites sell a lot. They sell PhotoShop and Macromedia Flash ...and they sell web design and graphics services -- even if that wasn't what the client wanted. Worse yet, Lorem ipsum creates content irrelevant web sites. Far too many sites built from scratch look like templates due to dull, lifeless writing which might just as well be Lorem ipsum.

    Again from 37Signals "So, there are plenty of sites showcasing well-designed web sites (of course “well-designed” is subjective, but you get the point), but where’s the list of well written web sites?

    Copywriting is still the web’s biggest weakness (more on this soon). We could all use some inspiration and examples of great corporate/marketing writing online. Who’s doing a great job of explaining their product or service? Who speaks like a human and not like a computer or a marketing machine? Who gets their point across quickly, concisely, and clearly?"

    So who is going to list a well written site in this thread? Is copywriting "the web's biggest weakness"? If so, what changes the story? If not, where's the Sitepoint thread debating well written websites?
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