I recently got a job doing front-end designs for a firm using GoLive on their Macs. I'm used to Dreamweaver on a PC. Although I am experiencing the anticipated troubles adjusting to the new OS and editor, I also feel that GoLive has drawbacks that DW does not, (eg: re-writing/ignoring code that I tweaked in the editor, javascript dysfunctions, etc.). I would like to write a proposal to the firm to purchase DW or DW InterDev, (since the back-ends are done with ASP or ColdFusion), but I don't want to jump the gun in case my problems are simply those of an inexperienced GoLive user. I'd like to hear from others who've used both, to help me draw my conclusions.
The firm also uses Fireworks, Flash, Adobe PS 5.5, and Illustrator for the front-end design.
Thanks all for the input.

Marty P

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