I'm trying to use IE expressions within a CSS file to simulate the unsupported min-width property

To do the same for min-height, the following works fine

height: expression( this.scrollHeight < 300 ? "300px" : "auto");
I would think that this should work fine as well, but it doesn't

	width: expression( this.scrollWidth < 300 ? "300px" : "auto" );
Instead, it freezes the browser and sends the CPU usage through the roof as if there was an infinite loop defined.

To troubleshoot, I tried this:

	width: expression(alert(this.scrollWidth));
I would expect that a value would be alerted once. Instead, it alerts twice when the page loads and then 2 more times every time I move my mouse over the element I'm applying this style to.

Any idea why scrollWidth seems to be evaluated over and over where scrollHeight does not?