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    An off-the-shelf comments package for PHP

    I am thinking of adding comments into an old site of mine - when we were on travels using blog to publish, we had a lot of comments, and I miss them :-(

    The thing is, I'd like to avoid having to build it from scratch and wondered if anyone has a recommendation for a PHP-comments solution that I could pretty much plug in to an include file.

    Naturally I'll need to set up a DB, and ideally I'd like to have captcha in there too.

    But mainly I want it to work and produce clean, accessible markup

    So, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Otherwise I'll just hand code from scratch as originally planned ...
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    Hi lloyd,

    I dont know of any pre-packaged solutions personally but id recommend building it yourself if you know php. It would be very simple.

    Id have a form with name, email, comment fields and have that submit to a script that validates the input and correctly escapes all the user info and then inputs it in to a db table ( id add a timestamp of NOW() also so you can echo that out later).

    Then on the page where you want the comments to appear you can select all the data needed from the db and order it by the date submitted. When you're echoing out the comments you can output them in to whatever markup you want....perhaps a definition list might be semantically most appropriate here?
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