Hi all

we have a resultset array like this:

$words = array('RE7062','OO07OOL','OO07SLK','777 LAL',
'MAZ 1800','S800LER','ST07 LEN','M200 NAD','S400 RRS','OU07TRO','OO07CLS','A100GEL');

and we have the search word "007" for this result set and we have also replacement rgx of "007" like this

$input = '(((0)( )?|(O)( )?)(.)*|((0)( )?|(O)( )?)(.)*|((7)( )?))';

as there are replacements for some characters, as in this example "0"(zero) is replaced by "O" (Character O) and we want to get the result set as following order :
1. OO07SLK
2. OO07OOL
3. OO07CLS
4. OU07TRO

how can we archive this please let us know if anyone have any idea. any help will we highly appreciated