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    Adding to an array for every form sent

    (mods, please rename the title to "Adding to an array for every form sent". I submitted the topic prematurely)

    A form I have needs to add additional items every time it gets sent. That is, building a list of items by sending it with an "add" button, and then the option of saving it to a database by a "save" button. The information sent would be added to an array, and I would want it very much to push an array value every time the form is submitted.

    I only want it to write to a database when the user chooses to save the list. But for holding "temporary" values in order to keep adding to an array, I'm stumped. The array simply resets every time the form is being sent.
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    You could use sessions, creating an array that you add each individual item to, then write to the db using the data from the array you're storing in the session.
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