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    Question popup window or DIV


    I have a form in which i have a field date.
    when user will click on a button image or simply an image, i would like to display a date picker.

    for that i would like not to display another window (like a popup one) but a DIV container aligned with the image border.

    for that i need to get the absolute position of the image button.
    1. how can i do that if nothing is available from <img> tag ?

    2. i guess that my DIV should be created at the same time that my form will be created, and it should be hidden. Like that when user click on image, it show/display the hidden DIV and user can select date.

    Am I right ?

    3. if such thing is not possible, how to display a popup window without border and title bar ?

    thanks a lot,


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    You actually talked yourself into the solution.
    Create the Div container and place it exactly where you want it with CSS/absolute positioning, then change its css display property to "none".

    When you want to show it use
    document.getElementId('id_of_your_calendar_div).style.display = "block"


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