I'm a newbie when it comes to CSS, and i'm struggling with using the positioning tools. I think i've finally got the absolute/relative thing sussed, but i cannot find any method of centering the objects on my page. i know about the 'align=center' command, but i want to centre the div objects themselves on my page, like you do with normal positioning and the 'center' tag. I cannot believe that with all the added functions that CSS brings, there is no way to centre things on a page. I've tried putting everything in a table and then centering that but that didn't seem to work, and anyway i thought the great thing about CSS is that you could scrap things like using tables for layout. I'm having to consider scrapping CSS altogther for my site, which is a real shame. So please help, if anyone knows of a solution, simple or otherwise, please reply. I won't even start with the problems i'm having displaying my page in Netscape... that's a whole separate problem.