Heres the email i sent my affiliate manager:

Hello, im user : takita and you are my affiliate manager.

My incentive based script uses the function $uid to echo the logged in users member id when completing offers. If you login, and view the url, it has their username, no matter what account, and seems perfect.

My problem is, im getting some clicks viewed in my subid tracking as $uid - and some as their usernames. It doesnt seem to be the script, i dont think, but why is it showing $uid in the subid tracking? it shows the members username in the url of all offers and doesnt show $uid at all from the member side.

It seems like its almost happening on random. Any ideas on whats wrong/how to fix?

Please reply asap, thanks!


It may be on my side which i actually think is possible, so what do you all think is wrong? basically im getting some offers completed with theur usernames, and some with just $uid which should be their username, its all weird.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!