After reading through a dozen online tutorials, I am still searching for an answer to thie problem.

I would like to place and IMG selector on my webpages so that I can change it from the stylesheet. For example: I've got an email image on all of my class pages. If I decide to change the picture, I have to edit each page. I would like to include that in the stylesheet (similiar to a background image) and reference it on the webpages.

So far I have this in my css file:
source: url("../graphics/pandamail.gif");
width: 122px;
height: 97px;

and this in my html file:

<a href=""><img class="email"></a>.

It places a box, but the image does not show up (the URL is correct). Is this possible to do? I would love to know the correct syntax for the IMG src.

Thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate it!!

Debby Kilburn