Hi, I wonder if anyone can help.

I wish to display a counter on my site that displays the number of minutes from a certain time and then counts upwards (displaying seconds as well as munites) to another time.

For example:

The counter should count 107 minutes and 30 seconds from 2pm onwards.

The user logs onto the page at 2:13:09pm, so the counter already displays 13 minutes 09 seconds(13:09), then continues to count upwards until it reaches 107 minutes 30 seconds(107:30). At this point the clock should stop counting and just freeze.

If the user logs onto the page before 2pm the clock should just display 00:00.

The start time and amount of time to count are available as PHP variables on the page already. These values change most days though and so can not be hard coded.

Does anyone have any idea how I could go about this?