hi folks, dear sitepoint-team, mr. lenz,

i bought your book "build your own ruby on rails web applications", and at first it was a great read, fun and understandable.

but to me as a newcomer to the mac-world, and especially to the unix-world, there are far too many mistakes / errors inside!!
it is not the code itself, it is the steps i am to follow with the terminals, consoles and the installation processes that are described in the book.

up to page 29 everything went flawless, but then came the mysql-installation, and although the installer went fine, the following steps that were supposed to work as described in the book, failed silently for me..

no explanation why.. i HATE it.. sorry..
but i feel left alone!

i mashed some infos from the mysql-website in (added another path to the .profile file), so i finally got the mysql-prompt working, but now i can not start the ruby-console, because i get an error saying that there is no rubygem or something like that!?

then i re-installed/ re-setup rubygems 0.9.0 as described on page 27, which also seems very strange to me!? do i have to do this everytime i reboot my mac??

now there is another error thrown at me:
ruby script/console
Cannot find gem for Rails ~>
    Install the missing gem with 'gem install -v=1.2.3 rails', or
    change environment.rb to define RAILS_GEM_VERSION with your desired version.
Well, as you can see, this is definitely TOO MUCH for a newbie in this field!

Please, pretty please explain exactly and step by step, how to get all this mess working on a intel-mac with os x 10.4.8!

i really want to learn rails, but these errors bug the hell out of me......

thank you very much in advance!