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PHP Code:
Do you have any views on whether the following mysql query is efficient is there a better way of doing it

$query "SELECT email FROM email_tbl WHERE email = '$email1' OR email = '$email2' OR email = '$email3' OR email = '$email4' "
PHP Code:
$list = array($email1$email2$email3$email4);
$query 'SELECT email FROM email_tbl WHERE email IN("' implode('","'$list) . '")'
This is very applicable to many of my Queries as I have numerous "checkboxes" which if checked build ip a long OR query (Which could possibly get upto 150 OR's !!)

I've never seen mention of the IN syntax and can't find it in Kevin's or Wrox's books so I was wondering if anyone can provide me with more information on it and if it is actually more efficient than using OR or just makes more readable code.

Many Thanks in advance