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    Question what is this: {{PLURAL:$1|Category|Categories}} ???


    I'm a real PHP newbie. I come from a Java background, and I'm trying to solve a problem with my wiki. A friend of mine implemented a mediawiki for me, and then we had to move it to a different machine. However, now in the new machine, the wiki pages seem to have problems with PLURAL. For instance, instead of seeing the number of categories correctly displayed, I get the following:


    I think our wiki is working mostly right, but that is annoying. Why are we getting this output? I assume that PLURAL may be a function, and, for some reason, the interpreter is unable to find it, so it just pops it out.

    I have been googling for this, but no luck so far. I don't know where else to search.

    Thank you, and wish me luck learning PHP.


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    Hi and welcome to the forums Luis

    {{PLURAL:$1|Category|Categories}} looks to be part of the template engine used to serve the pages. It's only a guess but look for a preg_replace or str_replace call on your template page.

    Good luck with the PHP

    Mike Swiffin - Community Team Advisor
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    How did you "move" the wiki? It looks like you need the latest version of Mediawiki for PLURAL to work (see this mediawiki page). Also, if I'm not mistaken you will need php5 to get Mediawiki to work...
    Edit: Some more info at this page.


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