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    Expanding the community

    Hi guys! Remember me? I was the site on the admin podcast about stealing members. I took your advice at heart and worked hard and now my community is steady and flourishing.

    I think its time for me to expand my niche, as my current niche has been very much been filled to its full potential. I am planning to expand the forum to a more generic domain name (, of course).

    I need your advice on the best way to do so.

    I have outlined things that I thought of
    Upgrade from phpbb2, I am thinking vB, but don't have much money. Is it possible/allowed to buy a pre owned licence?

    Make a domain redirect. That is have*** -> so no links should be broken.

    but I am not experienced in this so I need your help.

    Basically, people in my forum are keen to expand as well so the social aspect is pretty much set. Basically I wan't to expand into the music market, but that niche may be too big so fine tuning will be needed.

    Can you guys help me? Please outline implications, tips

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