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    CDONTS and AttachFile error message

    Need some help please.

    Currently, I have a form that a user can enter the subject line content and the email body content. They can then send the email which I have set up to use CDONTS. This works fine.

    Now I want to add in the ability to attach a file (it will most likely be a MS Word document) to the email being sent out.

    I would like to use CDONTS's AttachFile but it's not working for me. I've read up on it and it seems fairly simple except that I'm getting the following error message.
    error '80004005'
    Unspecified error
    This is the code that I am testing (I have changed the email addresses ):
    set objMail = createobject("CDONTS.NewMail")
    objMail.AttachFile "C:\Graphics\Flowers\pwflowers5.gif"
    objMail.send "", "", "Testing attachfile", "Did you get the attachment"
    set objMail = nothing
    The error occurs on the objMail.AttachFile line. Any ideas?
    [And yes, the file does exist.]
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    Where is the body of the message, this could be part of the problem.


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