While active with HTML and CSS for years, I have now decided to try out some programming "stuff".

I have no experience with PHP or ROR- no experience with prgramming at all.

I like some aspects of "dynamic" websites & Co. because my websites often go over 50 pages, some over 100.

I was hoping to find an easier way to "manage" these "puppies" using a programming language- also certain functionalities (which I seem to understand require "high speed" programming abilities- AJAX for instance).

Anyway, I thought, since ROR seems to be the "rising star", I decided to learn it, instead of learning something "old" like PHP. (no attacks here my PHP friends)

I figured it would be like "skipping DOS" in order to concentrate on Win95- 10 years ago.

Is ROR a bit too much to "chew" for a programming newbie?
(I am having a hard time "grasping" the ROR book)

Am I going about this the wrong way?

How should I start learning "really"?

Please help!!