Hello, its been awhile since i logged into the forum, i hope i can get help here bout some issues i have had recently.. i already had php4.4, apache 1.3 and mysql all running fyne on my system, but for one reason or the other.. i stumbled on xamp and wamp and decided to test it on my system just to get a feel of their abilities and the enviroment they provide.... i had xamp installed first then took it off and then i tried wamp... it felt better, but i wasnt comfortable with the way building databases were done on it.. as i have been hardwired after readin K-Yank's book 3 yrs ago to bulding my databases from scratch at the command line.... but then after i uninstalled the wamp.. and installed my previous apache... it just dint work.. it gives error messages : could not determine server's full domain name... i had already edited the httd.con file to make the server name fit localhost, but still the errors come up.. worst still when i type in the http://localhost or i try it brings up the wamp as my default server.. but wamp had already been uninstalled... my mysql is running fyne... and i guess my php is fully installed but i cant verify that due to breakdown in my apache... Am so sorry i have to write so much, but i feel if i can fully explain the issue someone in this lovely forum can help me cure my problem.. and maybe one day i can also help you all out...... Thanx for your concern and tyme.... May the CODE be with you all.