It's late and I'm running out of ideas...

Here's the scenario. Page_A has a number of links like this: 'newpage.php?id=x'
The only thing that changes in each link is the number 'x'. Once clicked, 'newpage.php' uses 'x' to search a DB (mySQL) and displays the data. So far no problem at all... What I don't like is the NEW page... What I would like to do is create a (user-requested!) popup: once a link in Page_A is clicked, a popup window should show the data referring to 'x'... How does one do this?... I mean, I can create the popup in Javascript, no problem here - but how do I pass the 'x' along, fish out the data in the DB, and display that?... I have a feeling the old brain need a rest, so I'll leave this request here for the smart ones out there.

Thanks for all the feedback.