I'm having problems with my Zen Cart and my SSL. What's happening is my SSL is set for glo-techinc.com and not for www.glo-techinc.com

If I go to https://glo-techinc.com/test/index.php then it's all good and it works, however when I go to https://glo-techinc.com/store then I get an error as it automatically redirects to https://www.glo-techinc.com/store which my SSL is not set for the "www."

My question is where is this redirection to www. happening. In my configure file it's set for https://glo-techin.com/store so I'm not seeing where this is occuring. I even went on a witch hunt through the code to see if for some reason I was missing a redirect to "www." but I can't find it.

Any clue as to what's happening here?