Hi all I have a slight problem with my site, I posted a msg in the "marking up your pages" part of the forum, and did get most of my questions answered, but I still have a small problem. I need my site to work in NS 4.07, and I need to know if this version of NS supports the bg img tag, as at present a background image tag which I have on site does not show up in NS 4.07, my site uses a flash menu which is aligned to the top of the page and I have used a bg image in it's cell which should stretch as you increase your window size but basically it does'nt work in NS 4.07:

My site is: www.concrete-media.com

It works fine in I.E 5, which you can look at to see how the site should look. I can't think of how I can make the site work in NS 4.07 but still remain as it is in I.E 5, is this actually possible? I hope it is.

Anyway thanks to anyone who can help out.