'ello Gurus

Am dbing a site at the mo and am nearly there, just have a question concerning structure.

The type of info I am displaying can be found here.

Currently, I have all info regarding venues (locID, name, type, photo1url, photo2url, disfac, leisfac, info, additional, logo) in one table (where disfac is Disabled Facilities and leisfac is Leisure facilities.

Information regarding "suites" is stored in a seperate table as there can be a variable number of them.

The last part is troubling me (on the page, the bit that refers to No. ensuite bedrooms etc).
Because of the amount of data, I have an urge to put it in a seperate table. However, structurally I can see no reason why this data can't be in the first table - that would make it fetch data faster right?

Any advice as always appreciated!