i am using following sever set up

PHP Version 4.3.4
Oracle Version 9.2

Actually problem is i cant insert a extented character like "ċċnċċċċċċċċċċ" in a oralce table via php pages but i excute a query directly in oracle its working fine , using php pages all extended character are inserted like this żżnżżżżżżżżż

i made a follwing setup in my linux server SuSE-9

a.In php server side we set default_charset =UTF-8 in php ini file
b. We set an environment variable
c. This ensures that the following HTTP header will be set in all PHP
Pages and consequently sent to the browser.

Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

d. –enable-mbstring in php
e. After enabling mbstring set mbstring.internal_encoding =UTF-8 in php ini file
f. After enabling mbstring set mbstring.func_overload=7 in php ini file

i can disply a extended character in php page