Hey gang,

Trying to find facts that support the reasoning of not putting comment tags in JS blocks are okay if support for very, very old browsers is not a concern. The list of the browsers supported are as follows: IE6+/PC, Safari (up-to-date), and FF. I found the following article while searching:


Which cites http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/#C_4

C.4. Embedded Style Sheets and Scripts

Use external style sheets if your style sheet uses < or & or ]]> or --. Use external scripts if your script uses < or & or ]]> or --. Note that XML parsers are permitted to silently remove the contents of comments. Therefore, the historical practice of "hiding" scripts and style sheets within "comments" to make the documents backward compatible is likely to not work as expected in XML-based user agents.
It seems that both articles haven't been updated lately, so I am just trying to find the current consensus regarding the matter. Pointers, URLs, etc. greatly appreciated.