I am having issues with my listmenu code in JavaScript and the corresponding CSS. My site has a list menu for navigation, table of contents, and to create outlines. Even though my JavaScript knowledge is minimal, I was able to implement Listmenu1.js into my page and css. I have developed a sample page where it works as expected. A quick find (Crtl+F) for “List Menu” will bring you to the relevant section on this page.


This page serves as a quick reference for me while developing HTML sites and testing my css code across browsers. These code blocks are like recipes for a web page development. The following page is another non-functional attempt to utilize the list menu code for the navigation menu (Outline/jumplinks).


I am not sure if the issue relates to initiating the ListMenu1.js in the onload_nifty_noSidebar_menu.js; or some inherent limitation in the ListMenu1.js code. Again, my JavaScript debugging knowledge is minimal. Please let me know if you could give me some insights to my situation. I am hoping someone would walk through the debugging process.

Both pages validate in HTML Strict 4.01, yet the CSS does not validate due to some browser hacks (display inline-block and _height: 1px for hasLayout). I welcome suggestions for moving beyond these hacks, the main concern here is utilizing the ListMenu1.js on any page and making this script portable (use on any page).

The list menu was developed from Thomas Bakketun approach.