Hi there,

I'm not a wordpress expert at all (have some basic knowledge), and I'm having a slight problem here which I hope someone can help me with.

When I create a "page" from the admin area and view this page on the site front-end, it outputs the content of the page, but unfortunately, below that, it repeats the last "post" an infinite number of times.

I must've edited something somewhere to cause this, but I cannot find the problem. I've disabled all plugins and it still happens...so the none of the plugins are causing problems.

If you have any idea where to start looking, please let me know.
I'll appreciate it very much.

I did some editing to stop this from happening, though it's not the right way to do it.
I would love to know howcome this happened and what the right way is to fix this.

This is what I did in the "page.php" document :

PHP Code:
<?php $myP 0?>
if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts() && $myP <= 0) : the_post(); ?>
<?php $myP
++ ?>