I thought I'd start a "web comment" thread, an area where we can speak our minds about web sites that we have been to. Talk about those we like, those that frustrate, how to improve them, etc. If anyone objects, please tell me. Otherwise, I will begin a web site comment on SitePoint.com and its web property network.

-- SitePoint.com Web Comment
In my opinion, this site approaches perfect. It is easy to navigate, looks great, and is packed with content. Best of all, it is interactive (this message board entertains and informs thousands of webmasters like myself, I'm sure.) Being a critical web designer, I have been browsing and absorbing many of the neat articles, subconsciously looking for something to pick on. Nothing. Every article is written well and with authority. The site is a good experience for me. My congrats to the designers/admins that manage it.

David http://www.web-master.tv
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