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    Question Running site on a CD-rom


    I am working to get my site up and running on a CD-rom with an auto-run file. I initally created in inf file and burned the site to the disc, but it apparently didn't like it too much. Mainly, it appeared it did't translate over the site pathing, css etc.. correctly when it is run this way??? (site displays fine when running regular)

    I found one software that will compile my site into a nice little .exe (which rocks), but ugh I need it to also be accessible on macs?

    Any ideas or suggestions on software or advice?



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    html on cd

    I was toying with this idea a while back but never followed through. I found that using an .inf file that pointed to the "first" file worked OK, but then again I have Windows OS. At the time I figured the best second alternative would be to have a "readme" stating what file to open. This assumes the user knows enough to read the readme (and you know the saying about the word assume).
    I was also thinking about putting a java applet on a cd, and thought I might try webstart or a jar file, but there again, I didn't really look too far into it yet.
    I did find this page
    AutoStart on Macs
    The equivalent to AutoRun on Macs is called AutoStart. This only works if
    QuickTime 2.0 or later is installed, and AutoStart is enabled.
    :Link: -Technical information,
    It is possible to create an AutoStart CD on a Mac, using tools such as
    :Link: - Autostart DropStart
    :Link: - MacImage for Windows, says that
    it can create AutoStart CDs on a PC.
    Other tools:
    :Link: - List
    :Link: - mkisofs.
    :Link: - CDEveryWhere
    :Link: - Toast for Mac
    We have not tested any of these products.
    :Link: - Keiser Photography
    have instructions for using Toast to make a CD that will AutoStart on a Mac as well as using ShellRun to AutoRun on Windows computers.

    Filenames as seen by a Mac
    By default, CDs created on a PC might have garbled filenames when viewed on an old Mac. Long filenames will be truncated to an "8.3" form, eg "index.html" may appear as "INDEX~1.HTM" on a Mac. However OS X 10.2.6+ recognises long file names.
    However, a pre OS-X Mac user can install the shareware Joliet File System Extension, from
    :Link: -
    which will make long PC filenames readable. If your CD uses the Joliet format because it has long filenames, then suggest to your Mac users that they install this software to view the CD fully.
    Therefore, if you have Mac users, it is best to ensure that your filenames are short, and provide instructions for viewing the CD manually, eg "View this CD by opening INDEX.HTM in your browser".

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    I did this a while back for a scholarship entry.

    Thats how I did it, worked perfectly.


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