There are loads of database driven sites out there on the net that run on PHP/MySQL or similiar combinations.

I know such sites can be developed quite easily now, however, what I am more interested in is the actual design of such database driven sites.

Say for example you take the average computer hardware article/news site that runs on such a PHP/MySQL system, where articles are stored in a database and retrieved from there as needed.

What I would like peoples' comments on is a conceptual design for such a site.

What I have come up with so far is the following:

A conceptual diagram would consist of: Authors, Aritcles, Website, WebDevelopers (people who post updates to the site).

In a more schematic way:

ARTICLE(ArticleID, Title, PublishDate, Content)
AUTHOR(AuthorID, Name, StartDate)
TOPIC (ArticleID, AuthorID, Topic)


I am still unsure, however, how this maps to a MySQL database for example.

Firstly, is my schema correct, if so.. do I just create tables with those properties?

Can someone please help as I know I can implement such a thing.. I just want to do a decent design!