With many new WYSIWYG Web Authoring Programs, and an Increasing number of Internet Users, where does Web Design go from here?? Will we all still need to know CGI/Perl/MySQL in the future? or will packages such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage 2006 be able to create it all for us? with no hassle? Where will origonality lay when everyone can produce mind blowing effects, the revolution of Internet Connections has also taken a giant leap, lets not forget that most people now have Cable or ADSL, with many businesses pioneering T1 connnections and beyond, will there still be a need for text on screen, or will people use intense eye-catching CGI-Cutscenes with a mind blowing MP4 in the background.

People at the moment are worried about how much it costs to be online? it seems that in America, most people enjoy free calls, at a set monthly amount, but now this revolution is beginning to creap across Europe, and Asia. Will we all be soon wearing a VR Head Set, looking at the Internet in 3D, with Billions of people Interatcing on one huge global Network?

It won't be long before computers are obsolete, and a new revolution of Internet-TV becomes available, in the United Kingdom, this is already available through Sky Interactive, admitadly at a very basic level, used for online shopping mainly. The revolution has already started, with many new super giants such as Sony Corporation making their 2nd generation machines, which don't allow ordinary Modem connections, but a new era of BroadBand connections.

To conclude my essay , what does all of this new technology mean on the way the Internet works today, will it ever be the same? it's already beginning, the signs are there..Your views please.