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    Focus Scroll issue in IE

    I have a very weird problem here. I have a form and I am validing a field after the form submission and if the field is not valid, I display the orginal form again with the fouc on that field. The field is on the bottom of the page so you have scroll to see the field.
    In FF, it is working just the way I want it to be. The field gets the focus and page is scrolled down you can see the field.
    But in IE, the page is not scrolled down to the field even though the field has foucs. So I have manully scroll the page so see the field.
    I have a header file that is included in this form page. For testing purposes, I took out the include for header file and the focus works just fine in IE so now I know there is something in that header file that is causing the problem but I dont know what.
    I checked all the include files (css and javascirpts files) and couldn't find anything related to foucs or overflow.
    The header file is so large that I can't copy paste the code here either.

    Has anyone had this problem or has any clue as to what can be the problem here? What is not letting IE scroll to the field that has foucs??

    I really need help with this. Thank you so much!!!

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    Give us a link to the page and we'll take a look.


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