Hey all. I am currently in the progress of developing this site for a freelance project and decided to try something different. In the past, I've always used the HTML 4.0 DOCTYPE to maintain integrity and W3C compliance on all sorts of web browsers. Just recently I have been tooling with XHTML 1.0 and would REALLY like to get my feet wet in that.

The site isnt that complicated. Its simple, spans a few pages, and its doubtful it will use MySQL integration. I have a good feeling that Internet Explorer 5.0 will handle these files fine, but my big worry is if Netscape 4.x will break my code.

I am one of those guys that wants to pioneer the web and move forward with cool new technologies but this sort of thing bites me in the bud all the time. Maybe I can write something in PHP where it autodetects the browser and writes certain HTML tags compliant to that browser.

Any ideas or suggestions on how well Netscape 4 can handle XHTML 1.0 would be very helpful. thx