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This is a verbose version:

redirect_to({:action => 'index'});

We don't need parentheses and semicolons in Ruby:

redirect_to {:action => 'index'}

If you pass a hash in the last parameter you don't have to write the accolades:

redirect_to :action => 'index'
so at the end:

1) "redirect_to" is a method
2) "{:action => 'index'}" is the only argument to that method and it is a ruby Hash
3) this method call can be rewritten without argument parenthesis 'cause there is only one argument to this method
4) also the curly braces can be left out from the Hash literal

is that all right?

Where is the receiver of that method call?

Anyway in the book at the beginning only explains that parenthesis are optional only in methods that are called with no arguments not also in method call with one argument. Or can i left out parenthesis also in method call with multiple arguments?