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    Can someone clarify for me please!?

    XSLT/XSL and XML


    I was chatting to a friend of mine on ICQ today and we started talking about XSL and so forth. The way I understand it is that XSL is the stylesheet (i.e. eXtensible Stylesheet Language) and in XSLT the T stands for transformations.

    Anyway, for some bizarre reason he started trying to tell me that XSL had replaced XSLT saying this:

    XSLT has become XSL. XSLT was the first version.


    No. Before, it was called XSLT. Now it has been improved and is now referred to as XSL (without the T). Some key things have changed.


    XSLT = old XSL in all uses.
    This was after I had said to him:

    xsl is the stylesheet applied to an xml data file which are joined together by an xslt processor to output the data
    Who is right? Both? Neither? Or are we both a little confused!?

    Any comments? Thanks.
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