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    i'm a total newbie and have gone through several 'learn html' type tutorials and have launched into building my site. my problem is that i have copied a java script from one of the tutorials for some mouseover effects and it seems to work great on my computer and others that have a PC. However, when I check it at work on a new iMac with IE4.5, the images preload but then they don't appear on the screen when the rest of the page loads. The only thing that does appear are small dots in the upper left corner that are the HREF's from the code and i can click on them to go to the links. is this some type of PC / Mac problem or is my script not correct. I have included part of my script below for just one of the images:


    <!-- hide JavaScript code from browsers that are not JavaScript enabled

    if (document.images)
    computer_off = new Image();
    computer_off.src = "computer4.gif";
    computer_on = new Image();
    computer_on.src = "computer2.gif";

    function ComputerOn()
    {document.images['email1'].src = "computer2.gif";}
    function ComputerOff()
    {document.images['email1'].src = "computer4.gif";}

    //end hiding of JavaScript code -->


    bgcolor="#000000" link="#0066ff" vlink="#6633cc" text="#000000" topmargin=0 leftmargin=0>
    <a name=top></a>

    <a href=""
    onMouseOver="ComputerOn(); "
    onMouseOut="ComputerOff(); ">
    <IMG name="email1" src="computer4.gif" border=0 alt="click here to send us an email or subscribe to our mailing list" style="position: absolute; left:282px; top:97px; width:131px; height:116px;">

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    I suggest you upgrade the iMac to the newest version of IE. your script looks correct to a quick glance.

    Wayne Luke - Sitepoint Forums Administrator
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    i had a similar problem with a script i downloaded. all fine on PC, nada on Mac's. the Mac was using all the latest versions of browser software, but still nothing. i just had to assume that.. well,.. i don't know what i assumed. in the end my fix was simply to mimic the actions of the script, (which i really liked), in Flash. problem resolved for me, don't know if that applies for you though.
    good luck.

    Marty P

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