I have to recreate an old quiz that ran on our servers, and redo it so that it runs in Javascript from a CD.

It works in a very simple way - five pages of questions, each page passes some values to arrays in the parent frameset, and the final score page displays the results (which it gets from the parent). It's very old code and was only written to work with IE5.5 at the time.

I'm finding some strange results. In IE5.5 it doesn't get beyond page 2 and gives an error message saying the 'object doesn't support a property'; in Firefox it doesn't get beyond page 1, and IE6 gets to page 4 before stopping with the 'object doesn't support a property' message. Yet the code is pretty much identical on every page.

One source of contention seems to be referring to the form. The original code just referred to form1.elements.length. In order to make that work in Firefox I added a line form1=document.getElementById('form1') immediately before, but IE seems to dislike that.

I've posted it at http://www.nlamont.force9.co.uk/demo...g/frameset.htm and I'd be grateful if anyone can cast light on it. It still has to work in IE5.5 unfortunately, as well as 6 and Firefox but it we don't have to support IE7 yet.