I have made a very basic cms for my clients where the editing of their pages is done on a central subdomain.

Now the issue is that when i design the sites i tend to use a fair amount of css styling in the content area.

I have tried using tinymce as i need the client to see the wording and not all the html...however none of the styling applies within the textarea. This makes it look nothing like what it will look like, plus they may end deleting certain styles.

(eg) if an image has been inserted at the design stage by myself (outside of the tinymce editor) and has a class tag attached, then if the user deletes that image and puts another in, the styling will have been lost and not added on the new image.

How can i get around this...what is the normal procedure for this? The only way around this that i can see, is not use any css on the content that is editable by the client, although this would be somewhat limiting!?